Overview Of Equestrian Jumping Equipment

Equestrian jumping has quite the history and has been around for a significant amount of time. It has been a part of the Olympics and is cherished around the world by one and all. Horse lovers rave about this sport and the intricate attention to detail it requires. However, what about those who are going to be involved in the process? What type of equipment is required to ensure one is ready to go and is going to be able to participate in any related event? Let’s take a look in this read for more information in relation to equipment requirements. And if you are looking to buy some of this stuff, you can find it at many riding stores. Of course, if you are looking for jumping equipment for very high-end competitions, or if you are looking to go the Olympic Equestrian Jumping competition, then of course you will need highly specialized equipment.


This is a little mouthpiece that is attached to the bridle and is used by the horse in order to garner more control for the rider.


This is what is going to be holding the bit and is going to go around the horse’s front in order to help control as needed.


These are essentially used to furtherĀ  control the horse from looking to its sides and/or backwards. This ensures they are heading in the direction that is needed of them on a consistent basis. But whether the use of blinkers on horses during jumping is a good thing or a bad is thing is up for debate, and really depends upon the preferences of the horse and the rider in question, how they have been practicing, and so on.


This is a major part of equestrian jumping. It is an obstacle that is going to be jumped over by the horse during the course. Its height can vary depending on the event, setup etc. The course designs can vary depending on the preferences of the course designer with things such as flowers, small puddles, and other options being used.


This is used for the rider to sit on when she or he gets onto the horse. It helps reduce the pressure that is placed on the body while the horse is jumping. It is essential when the horse jumps otherwise the rider can be thrown right off.


These are used to control the horse at all times and will give it the signals that are needed with regard to jumping and ensuring the timing is up to par.

These are the main items of equestrian jumping equipment that are going to be required in the short and long-term. This is a fascinating sport for those who take advantage of all it has to offer. It is one of those sports that is going to provide a lot of excitement for those who have the right equipment and have a horse that is going to create a bit of excitement as well.

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