Dog Training with Garmin Astro vs Alpha

If you want your dog to do jump over various obstacles, whether on hunts or on agility courses, you will need to work regularly with your dog. Just imagine how much the person in this video must have worked with her dog to get him to jump like that!

Training like that requires all round training, not just for jumping. The trainer and the dog have to have very solid communication so that the dog knows what the trainer wants, and the trainer can also understand what the dog is comfortable with. There are many devices that can be used for training. Garmin has some of the best ones out there. They are actually quite steep in price, so they are not something you’d just buy on an impulse. Take a look at this good comparison of two of Garmin’s most popular models – Astro 430 vs Alpha 100. It may help you make some decisions regarding what would work best for your needs.

Here is another entertaining dog jump video: